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RW Lomond is a powerhouse of resources that brings together all the moving parts to create the vision of a dynamic experience for Baby Boomers across the entire spectrum of their world into reality…

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“No man is an island”


Managing Director

After twenty-seven years in the industry, he has cultivated a measured approach with every project, which is underpinned by a disciplined acquisition criteria. No compromise on the quality of each location or access to amenities. Developing in locations where people aspire to live in, attracting a vibrant demographic of affluent residents.

Craig Tarr

Corporate Director -
Finance & Compliance

Craig has a holistic knowledge and understanding of all things pertaining to bridging and development lending. Consistently keeping abreast of the credit markets, monitoring and foreseeing any variants in lending policy and liquidity. He is also a stickler for details. Meticulous and diligent come second nature to Craig, complimented with a pragmatic approach to

Jonathan Gittins

Corporate Director – HNW &
Equity Investors

Jonathan has mastered the art of negotiating investments. He is extremely competent and confident in all things pertaining to property & commercial investments. His in depth knowledge and understanding of the economy from a fiscal and macro level is exceptional. Hence why he has a treasure trove of Investors awaiting to know his next investment opportunity.

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Acquisition Director


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Acquisition Director


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Acquisition Director



Our development strategy is simple. Develop where there is an obvious need and demand with an objective of achieving sustainability, especially utilization and financial sustainability. To create an assurance of a sound investment, thus, the best possible potential for capital growth, and a stable rental income.


We are currently on an extensive acquisitions spree across all our sectors

Minimum 3 acre estates in rural locations, attached to a quint or beautiful village. Home or castle or manor must be spectacular, spacious and truly magnificent…

Homes on minimum ½+ acre plots that can be developed into Over 55’s apartments. Surrounding the M25 on the North, South and West sides in upmarket areas where the average home price is £2m+

Inner city mixed use substantial development sites in prime London locations only.


RW Lomond is a powerhouse of resources, collaborating with only the finest calibre of architects, designers and consultants from across the globe to set new benchmarks for luxury living in the Baby Boomers market.

Strategic Analysis

Pre-development and planning with real world experience and valued industry insights.

• Master programme development
• Market research and analysis
• Site due diligence
• Concept design management
• Feasibility modelling and return analysis
• Risk assessment
• Preparation of development brief
• Local authority consultation and pre-planning application assessments
• Key consultant selection, appointment and management
• Development budget management

Development Acquisition

The most crucial stage in every development (Acquisition) with the key components to ensure a project’s viability.

• Identification and analysis of sites
• Demographic Studies
• Analysis and market research
• Concept Design & Master planning
• Project Feasibility
• Development Proposal
• Finance and investment evaluation
• Financial modelling
• Sourcing Equity Partner
• Property acquisition
• Purchasing Entity
• Contract Negotiation
• Acquisition Structure
• Payment Method and Terms

Project Set-up

Never compromising on appointing highly experienced Development Managers who intimately know all the dynamics of a project.

• Appointment of consultants
• Design management
• Value engineering
• All local authority approvals
• Master Planning
• Finance management
• Risk Management
• Project strategy and planning
• Sales and Marketing management
• Display suite management
• Procurement strategies
• Tendering to builders
• Negotiating building contracts
• Project scheduling

Project Delivery

The Complete Development Cycle where the avision becomes reality…

• Master Planning
• Design management
• Consultant team management
• Finance management
• Risk Management
• Sales and Marketing management
• Display suite management
• Health & Safety • Variation, site instruction and RFI management
• Site progress reporting • Cost control
• Quality management
• Construction risk management
• Site management and construction monitoring
• Defects management and close-out


We currently have excellent investments available

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We do all the due diligence, all the risk analysis, all the negotiations, all the creative works, all the heavy lifting, all the exit strategies, so you don’t have to.

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